An Efficient alternative to traditional outsourcing models

GVRP is extending one-of-its-kind engagement model through its “Plug and Play” labs which can be used by Independent researchers and small/virtual biotechs to take full control of their R&D programs. We have module-based labs ranging from 5-10 fume hoods which are access controlled and can be used exclusively for executing projects for a single sponsor.

Virtual biotechs require necessary infrastructure and team to execute their programs and invariably end up paying high prices to CROs for basic research activities. GVRPs unique model offers huge cost savings on such activities by letting clients manage their own programs. The client would be offered dedicated lab modules with team of chemists and team leader who would be take directions from the clients directly to execute the job at hand thereby also assuring utmost confidentiality and control on operations.

The sponsors would also have flexibility of choosing their own team through a database of scientific talent pool.

Traditional Research Alternatives
Captive Research/Large
Flexible Terms
Plug and Play
Flexible Staffing | Direct Control on Talent
Direct Control on Operations
Scientific Advisory Board

Offering the best of all the existing solutions while addressing the concerns effectively

In terms of level of engagement, the clients have the option to chose between unsupervised to semi-supervised to supervised activities.


Team composition

  • Team of 5-10 Organic/Synthetic/Analytical Chemists (Masters with 3-5 years of experience)
  • Project manager

The scientific inputs are directly given by the client to the GVRP team for execution. It is best suited for basic level of activities such as synthesis, purification, and analytical activities. The project manager keeps a track of all the deliverables and manages client communication.


Team composition

  • Team of 5-10 Organic/Synthetic/Analytical Chemists
  • 1 Team Leader (Masters/PhD with 10+ years of experience)
  • Project manager

The team leader as a senior scientific resource understands the objective of the research from the client and manages the day-to-day activities of the bench chemists, also providing scientific support to the client.


Team composition

  • Team of 5-10 Organic/Synthetic/Analytical Chemists
  • 1 Team Leader (Masters/PhD with 10+ years of experience)
  • Supervision by Medicinal Chemistry Head (PhD with 20+ years of experience)
  • Project manager

In this traditional FTE model, GVRP takes ownership of the project deliverables for the client and manages the program independently to deliver research outcomes.


The state-of-the-art infrastructure at GVRP consists of fully fitted out access-controlled labs modules containing 5 and 10 Fume hoods which act as standalone R&D centre for clients. Each lab module has its own provision for Solvent and Chemical storage, Flash chromatography and Rotavapors which is for exclusive use of the team inside the module.

The Chemistry lab is supported by a common Analytical Lab with major instrumentation like HPLC, Prep HPLC, LCMSMS, GC and Analytical Balances. For specialised Analytical requirements, GVRP has exclusive arrangements with multiple Analytical labs which are co-located in the Genome Valley Ecosystem, thereby ensuring all the analytical requirements of the clients are catered to with utmost priority.

Build-Operate-Transfer Model

An Innovative model which allows Life-sciences companies to setup offshore capabilities with reduced risks and costs
Biotech and Pharma companies who wish to create offshore capabilities in India with low risk and no capital investments can partner with GVRP to build a
team and infrastructure and operate as an independent company in our ecosystem. In future, if the client wishes to take complete ownership of the entity,
the team and infrastructure would be legally transferred to them.


  • Understanding of research/business goals
  • Establishing Operations (Lab space, Instruments, Technology)
  • Onboarding Talent


  • Management of R&D programs by GVRP (COE Leader & dedicated team)
  • Generation of assets
  • Billing and invoicing support


  • Legal registration of the business as an overseas subsidiary
  • 100% transfer including IP assets and Team.

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