Cerestra Ventures

Established in 2015, Cerestra Ventures is a “Research Led” private equity firm focused on investing in “Real Assets” in identified niche sectors. They have a cumulative portfolio of USD 300+ millions in Lifesciences, Education, and Industrial sector. They are recognised as an expert in Life-Science real estate and pioneers in institutionalizing edu-infra asset class in India.

Website: www.cerestra.in

Terminus Group

Established in 2010, Terminus Group is a private company focussed on next-generation real estate development with an investment, development, and management experience of over a decade. The Group is currently operating in a range of business verticals namely Residential, Commercial, Mixed-use Building, Hospitality, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Education.

Website: www.terminus-group.com

Touchstone Group

Established in 2005, Touchstone Property Developers Pvt Ltd. has been associated with Industrial Park Development and management for over a decade, both in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Touchstone partnered with a US based REIT to establish and manage projects in Genome Valley and have helped develop many iconic infrastructures in Genome Valley.

Website: www.touchstonesquare.in

Management Team

The scientific and management leadership at GVRP have also contributed in various capacities to the seed fund to reinforce their belief in the idea of creating an innovation driven organization and leading the success journey as owner-operators in the platform.